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Open for Business


June 12, 2009


Nicholas J. Veliky

Clifton did in fact have its first case of swine flu in the school system. The students involved have recovered and are back in the classroom. In fact, we have experienced additional cases of the flu which the school administration and health department are dealing with. . . It is good to see that the Board of Education did a better job of notifying parents when the second cases of flu were discovered than they did with the first round. Rather than coming out and telling parents which schools the cases were located in, the BOE and Health Department decided to keep it all under wraps. Let the truth be told, the case was in School #13. The child recovered and all appears to be well. . . That is except for the perceived attitude of the BOE to keep information from the parents and guardians. . . There was no need for panic, but using the emergency notification system to alert families to the truth as to what was going on as opposed to all the rumors that were generated and to perhaps reiterate what Flu symptoms were – what to do if someone was believed to have contracted the flu and possibly some advice on hand washing. Instead, the system went unused in dealing with the first cases. . . It is come to our attention that the emergency notification system system was in fact used for the most recent cases of flu however this time many students families were not contacted via this state of the art communication tool. Since in the past, the system was only used to encourage parents to get out and vote, not a real emergency, now that the system is being used for its intended purpose, it would be a good idea to make sure it’s functioning properly and contacting as many families as possible.

Just a quick note, the bantering with agitated residents who come before the Board of Education to express their views at the open public portions of meetings is just wrong! These people come before the Board with their concerns for our fair city and do not expect to be badgered by the audience or members of the BOE. Why can’t everyone agree to disagree and show a little respect?

On the economic development front, good news! We hear that the Promenade Shops of Clifton, located on Route 3 West has contracted with a sporting goods store, children’s clothing store and lingerie shop all will be moving into their new spaces soon. . . Word has it that there may be golden arches springing up along Allwood Road where the Jubilee Park Diner currently serves up their bill of fare. It seems McDonalds wants to bring Big Macs and Happy Meals to Clifton. Apparently the project is moving along even though the City’s Economic Development Committee has not given the project their blessing. . . Walgreen’s Drug store is still interested in moving into a parcel of land more commonly known as Rick’s located at the Allwood Roundabout. If this watering hole closes it will mark the loss of one of the city’s restaurants. Rick’s predecessor the Penguin Inn was located on that same spot since the 1950’s.

Angela Montaque and the Downtown Clifton Economic Development Group have announced their 2009 Salsa Night which is scheduled for July 10th in Lot #8 located at Clifton Avenue and First Street. This event attracted well over 1000 quests last year and anticipate another successful event for 2009. Mark your calendars put on your dancing shoes and be prepared to Salsa the night away at this much anticipated salsa extravaganza . While on the subject of Downtown Clifton, the farmers market has returned to Downtown Clifton. The market will be open every Friday from June through October from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm located at Clifton Avenue and First Street. . . The windows are covered with brown kraft paper, but inside work is in high gear getting ready for the latest edition to Downtown Clifton a bookstore and coffee shop located at the corner of Main and Clifton Avenue (more commonly known as the Genardi Building).

On June 16 and 8pm in the City Council chambers, the North Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the Clifton Economic Development Assistance Commission will present the Business Beatification Awards recognizing properties for excellence in development/redevelopment, 15 properties are scheduled to receive rewards including retail, banks, professional and medical buildings, industrial buildings, and senior housing. Guess what, Main Avenue has done all this without any new flags!

The Lakeview Merchants Association deserves a round of applause for their “Spring Fling” street fair and sale. The fledgling business group has had their share of challenges getting merchants interested and involved. They attracted the attention of Congressman Bill Pascrell who did a walking tour not too long ago bring with him representatives from state and federal economic development authorities to lend their support and advise to the avenue’s business owners. With their new slate of officers in place, the Lakeview Merchants Association has the energy, the focus and the drive to make this group a powerhouse in promoting commerce along Lakeview Avenue.

Great things happening along Van Houten Avenue as well. . . Able Hardware is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Able Hardware is the one place you can still go and get quality hardware items and paints from a family business and all without the big box atmosphere. . . While on the subject of 50th anniversaries, the Famous Mid Town Grill is celebrating their 50th as well. Be sure to check their ad on page 3 of the Clifton Insider for an unbelievable free offer from Jimmy and Jerry in celebration of their 50 years serving Clifton the best Texas Weiners in town. . . If you were a fan of great bar-b-q, than by now you are aware that Hog Heaven has closed. Word has it that the business has been sold and a new restaurant will be opening at the site soon.
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