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Open for Business


May 22, 2009


Nicholas J. Veliky

Board Of Education Voting Blocks have seemed to raise the ire of some board members, each stating that someone has to change their vote or the workings of BOE will grind to a halt. Interestingly enough when commissioners got what they wanted with a larger block, which rarely voted in opposition to one another, no one seemed to care. I guess the Kool-Aid stand closed and now there is nothing to do but whine on camera about the 5 to 4 split. . . It was interesting to listen to BOE Commissioner James St. Clare’s comments; his statement that people who voted against the school budget are sabotaging the educational process is absurd at best. When people vote to approve or reject the budget it is their right to express their opinion. It is doubtful that the voters who cast their ballots to reject the budget want to “sabotage” anything. Most are responsible citizens and taxpayers who are looking for sound fiscal responsibility and the maximum utilization of the dollars spent by the BOE. Voters want, and now demand transparency and accountability from their elected representatives, and the BOE, at least for now, is an elected body, so residents have the right to question, and if they see fit, reject items on the ballot. While the public is well aware that BOE Commissioners are taxpayers too, that does not insulate commissioners from public comment, so if commissioners want to be “left alone” perhaps they shouldn’t have a place on an elected board.. . . The idea of the BOE selecting a special counsel to guide them through the process of hiring new attorneys is a good decision and the choice of local attorney Tom DeVita is an outstanding one. Tom is well respected and a straight shooter. . .

The school budget review meeting proved fruitful in that almost $2 million dollars was cut and or found. It seems there was over half a million dollars left over from the construction of school 17 that was just sitting in an account. . . The money should have been used to pay down the debt but instead it just sat unused.

Students do have a right to speak at BOE meetings, as well as any public forum where comments from the public are invited. The thought that young people are being used as pawns is another story and something that could fall into the equation ,but then again ,what about all the older people who approach the dais to have their opinions heard, are they pawns of a special agenda too? Or are they simply expressing their opinion. Young people should be applauded for coming forward and making their voice heard. It takes courage to speak out in public and this practice should be encouraged always.

Memorial Day is upon us and once again part of the Clifton tradition, the Avenue of Flags, will be on display as part of the festivities for all to enjoy. Each of the over 1,000 flags has been purchased in honor of, or in memory of a Clifton Veteran. The display will be up on Monday Memorial Day May 25th from sunrise to sunset. This is the largest display of American flags east of the Mississippi. It is a great tribute to veterans. Please see the coupon on page 4 of this edition of the Clifton Insider to honor veterans you know with a flag in Clifton’s Avenue of Flags.

The North Jersey Regional will be hosting their 24th Annual Beefsteak Dinner on Thursday June 4th at the Three Saints Cultural Center located at St. Vladimir Sq. at 454 Outwater Lane, Garfield. The cost of tickets is $60 and includes an all you can eat beefsteak dinner as well as sports celebrities sharing their experiences and stories. Celebrities scheduled to attend are Charles Way: An outstanding Fullback who played 6 seasons with the New York Giants and helped lead them to the 1997 NFC Divisional Championship game. Way started 55 of 75 games and rushed for 1,356 yards and 10 touchdowns on 337 carries. Charles continues to play a huge role within the Giants organization as their Director of Player Development, helping players adjust to their careers in professional football, as well as develop and enhance life skills and abilities that will facilitate a smooth transition to careers after football. Dwight Wilbur: Former pro basketball coach and member of the Villanova Wildcats 1985 NCAA Men’s Division I championship basketball team. Dwight is the new head basketball coach for the Berkeley Bulldogs.

Clay White - Head Golf Coach for Seton Hall, who coached the Pirates to victories at the Rutgers Invitational and Scotty Duncan Memorial Invitational and a second place finish at the Big-5 in 2008.

Tony Novo - GM/VP of Business Operations of the New Jersey Ironmen soccer team. Tony played four years at Jacksonville U. and professionally for three years with the Jacksonville TeaMen winning the 1983 ASL Championship. Jose Remimbas- A Head Men’s Basketball Coach for the William Paterson Pioneers, who guided them to 12 straight winning seasons, which includes 6 bids in the NCSS Tournament. Mr. Rebimbas was also a member of the 1989 Seton Hall Pirates Basketball Team who played for the NCAA Division I National Championship. For tickets contact the Chamber at 973-470-9300.

Mr Cupcake is expanding his cupcake empire with the opening of his second location in Riverside Square Mall on June 1st. Proof positive that a good product and a friendly approach to business keeps people coming back for more. We wish Johnny all the best in his new endeavor.

Big things happening on Main Avenue – Word has it that a new Bookstore and coffee shop is opening on Main and Clifton Avenues. Lab Corp has opened on Main Avenue – The Farmers Market is coming back to downtown on June 5th thanks to the efforts of Debbie Jaffe wife of local financial wizard and contributing financial editor of the Clifton Insider Bob Jaffe and Courtney Coleman of Schneider’s Florist. The Star Technical Institute is now accepting students and the Downtown Clifton offices will be relocating to avenue level in the Andalaft building come June 1st.
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