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Vol. X, Issue 1. Friday, January 1, 2014
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January 9, 2009


Nicholas J. Veliky

One of the best things about the holiday season is the opportunity to meet with family and friends in a relaxed, social atmosphere, conversation topics vary from world events to the economy and of course local issues. At one such gathering I had the opportunity to speak with a very wise man. Our discussion was about the City of Clifton and some of the challenges it faces. The subject eventually became focused on the Board of Education and accountability. Some of those in the conversation, as did I, felt that going back to an appointed Board would be the answer to getting more accountability from the Board. This wise man took an opposing position stating that we already have in place the most accountable system known to modern society, that being the vote. He pointed out that taking the vote and choice away from the people would be wrong. The voters have the power to remove someone from office if they don’t feel that person is doing a job in the best interest of the community. He did, however, point out the need to educate the voting public as to the importance of the vote they cast and the responsibility tied to that vote. He went on to say, the Board of Education has great power and along with that power great responsibility. They are entrusted with educating our children, our most precious resource and they control the largest portion of our tax bill. This wise man also said the City of Clifton can no longer tolerate victories on the BOE with only a handful of residents casting their vote. He stated that I, as a publisher, should not even consider supporting going back to an appointed board; instead, he challenged me to educate the public as to the importance of the Board of Education, their responsibilities, and the importance of getting out and voting when it comes to selecting Board of Education members. . . With the Board of Education election just four months away the Clifton Insider will do its part to help educate the public as to just what is at stake in our April election.

The Clifton Board of Adjustment held their annual reorganization meeting for 2009. Dr. George Foukas, popular local dentist and an experienced Board member was elected by his peers the seat as chairman on the Board of Adjustment. In light of the recent upheaval about former Board Chairman, Steve Lataro not being reappointed to the Board, Foukas is an excellent choice and the residents of the City of Clifton can rest easy knowing the leadership of Clifton’s Board of Adjustment is in good hands.

Congratulations go out to Acting Fire Chief Jeffrey Adams who is retiring from his post. Adams has held the position of Acting Chief since the retirement of former Fire Chief John Dubravsky.

Paulison Avenue ShopRite, operated by Cuellar Family Markets, is to be honored with a photo of some of their team members on a Cheerios box to be released this year. The community minded market won this dubious distinction by being ranked first in the Partners in Caring program held in 2008. The Partners in Caring program brought much needed aid to those less fortunate in the community. Congratulations to Rafael Cuellar and the entire ShopRite team.

Hog Heaven has done it again! Not only have they brought the area some of the best BBQ around, but now they are opening their doors at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays for a down home country buffet. See their ad on Page 6 of this issue for details. This is certainly something not to be missed!

The Theater League of Clifton is holding auditions for their presentation for a dinner theater murder mystery, “I’m Getting Murdered in the Morning” – a comedy about an ill received wedding reception. The auditions will be held January 12 and 13 from 7 – 9 p.m. at Clifton High School in room A-28. The show date is February 21 at Mario’s Restaurant in Clifton. Linda Wielkotz is the director and Mark Peterson is the production manager. For additional information call 973-458-9579 or visit

We have it on good authority that Councilman Joe Cupoli will be tap dancing on the Today Show with his daughter in the near future.

In the past, the Clifton Insider in the past has brought you culinary finds in the City of Clifton. We brought you Angelo’s Restaurant on Market Street, known for some of the best Italian food in the area. Then we told you about Mr. Cupcakes located on Van Houten Avenue, known for his decadent flavored cupcakes, cupcake towers, and the very popular cupcake sheet cakes - not to forget his seasonal holiday specials (we have it on good authority he’s working on something special for Super Bowl Sunday). We are now happy to tell you about hot, home style Stromboli baked fresh and made from the finest ingredients at the Paulison Avenue ShopRite. These old world Italian treats are all hand made to order, so you'll have to call ahead for a taste. They’re available with a variety of fillings: pepperoni and cheese; ham and cheese; cheddar and broccoli; steak with peppers, onions, and cheese. Call to order your Stromboli at 973-471-0868. When you call tell them you heard about them in the Clifton Insider.
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