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Vol. X, Issue 1. Friday, January 1, 2014
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Open for Business

July 11, 2008


Nicholas J. Veliky

This just in, the Clifton Board of Education hired a new principal for the High School at their July 9th meeting. They have tapped Christopher Columbus Middle School Principal Jimmie Warren for the post. Warren has the experience and will do a great job. Congratulations Jimmie. Glad to see the BOE decided to promote from within, first Tardalo and now Warren. Lets hope this trend continues. . . What's wrong with taking a proactive approach? At the recent Clifton Board of Education meeting we heard many excuses for the now six week delay in completing the walkway, there was no need for excuses anyone who has done construction knows as was mentioned by a number of speakers and commissioners that projects do tend to run behind schedule. Things that are unforeseen and out of our control do come up and have an effect on the way a project progresses. With that said if the board took Commissioner Michael Paitchel's suggestion for a report on the project every two weeks from the onset (a proactive rather than reactive approach to project management) there may have been fewer surprises and less of an impact on the completion date. . . The reference by one of Michael's fellow commissioners as to the type of engineer he is, stating in a demeaning manner that he was a railroad engineer, just shows the depths to which certain commissioners will sink when dealing with one another. . . Hats off to board president Michael Urciuoli who has stepped up to the plate in keeping what can be a volatile group of commissioners under control. . . still no word from the special investigator sent by the D.O.E. to look into 290 Brighton Road, we'll keep you posted as details arise.

When you listen to many of the comments from city residents as they go to the mike at council meetings, there is a common theme. It's usually about quality of life. People are concerned with trash, traffic, parking and the condition of their neighborhoods, streets and parks, when you get right down to it all people want is a nice place to call home and a city government that keeps quality of life as a top priority.

Clifton held its annual city picnic this past July 4th, in spite of the holiday get away weekend Main Memorial Park was filled with families all enjoying an afternoon of kiddie rides, pony rides, crafts and of course the food. Mayor James Anzaldi once again played host as Clifton's head of state to the masses that visited the park . . . This year Frank Corradino, owner of Clifton's Papaya King, the only Papaya King in New Jersey, was on hand serving up some great tasting curly fries which you can get anytime at his Papaya King restaurant, located on Getty Avenue, next to Corrado's wholesale. We all know man cannot live on curly fries alone so Jerry from the Famous Midtown Grilled offered his famous Hot dogs "All The Way!" These too are available at the Famous Mid town Grill located on the corner of Main and Barrington Avenues. . . The Republican Freeholder Candidates, Jerry L. Holt and Michael J. Marotta were on hand and out in force with their team of volunteers talking county politics and policy. With the current state of the county this is going to be an interesting election with room on the board for some new blood.

Word on the street is that the Culvert replacement project on Getty and Main Avenues has gone over budget. The original cost of the project was said to be almost $2,020,000 the city is now approving another increase of almost $50,000 as a result of change orders. Vendors, being professionals, should build what may be unforeseen problems into the original spec. The fact that they are using outdated plans seems ridiculous! Even though old, the plans have dates and the change orders should have been anticipated. While on the subject of rebuilding Culverts other parts of the city also flood, drive by Chittenden & Grove Street after a heavy rain and see what happens, they actually have to close the road because the Pearl Brook overflows.

If you want to do business in today's competitive market you have to get around, this is an easy task for seasoned veterans of the business community, but can be a challenge for those just entering the market place. The North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce recognized this fact and has a very active young professionals group where newcomers to the business arena can get involved and do business. The young professionals group is sponsoring volley ball, horse shoes and summer networking at the Barnyard in Totowa, the event will take place Monday, July 21st from 6 to 9 pm, the cost per person is $10. While it is suggested that business professionals attending young professional events be under 39 years old, the Chamber has taken "A don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to age. If you would like to register the event visit

Lights, camera, action! If you haven't been to Botany these days you have obviously missed the excitement. An independent feature film entitled "Split Ends" is filming in the City's Historic Botany Village. It seems the quant old buildings and village like setting of the Botany section of the city caught the eye of the producer. Many of the local businesses will be featured in the film not just a backdrop but the interiors to be used as settings for certain parts of the story. . . While on the subject of Botany Village if you're looking for something to do Friday nights Botany Village Sullivan Square is the place to be, the free music concerts during the months of July and August from 7 to 9pm can take you away from your day to day grind without ever leaving the city.

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? Papaya King will be serving up free hot dogs from noon to 4pm on Saturday, July 18th be sure to stop down and visit Frank Corradino Jr. for your free hot dog. Why not wash it down with a fresh fruit smoothie; they're all natural and refreshing and the perfect drink on a hot July afternoon.

In the newspaper publishing business everything happens because of advertisers, their dollars make it possible to bring you local news in every edition, why not return the favor, the next time you need products or services look to our advertisers and pay them a visit.

For the past four years I have had the pleasure of informing our readers about issues that face the city of Clifton. Some agree with our editorials and others don't, that's what makes this country great! Everyone can have an opinion and they don't always have to agree. What is important is that once a decision has been made we all come together to work for the common good of our community. With your continued support the Clifton Insider will continue to deliver news and editorial opinion on issues that face Clifton as well as surrounding communities. A free and independent press is the backbone of this great nation and the Insider is proud of the part it plays.
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