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Open for Business

June 27, 2008


Nicholas J. Veliky

It seems Clifton has a million dollar cop! At least that's what the jury thinks. It is alleged that Officer Joe Napoleone, during his time on the police force has ignored visitors to the police station as the desk sergeant, has disrespected the Bishop of Paterson while on patrol during a routine traffic stop and has numerous complaints lodged against him by members of the public which were offered as evidence during his jury trial which ended last week with a verdict in Napoleone's favor. While Napoleone's bid to sue for punitive damages was dismissed, he still walks away with a $950,000 plus payday. If he is such an upright and outstanding officer of the law as his attorney claimed, looking out for the best interests of the community, than why did it take him almost seven years to come forward with his allegations of improprieties on the part of fellow police officers during the 9/11 relief efforts? His allegations cut to the core of what makes Clifton's police force the fine outstanding men and women they are. Joe, just take your money and go away.

Will it ever end? Another chapter in the epic drama we have all come to know as 290 Brighton Road, is once again unfolding as of this writing, representatives from The New Jersey Department of Education, the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance arrived in Clifton on the morning of June 26th to conduct a review of the site acquisition and financing of the 290 Brighton Road Project. The scope of the review is said to include the "examination of expenditures related to the project as well as application filings and approvals as submitted to the Departments of Education (DOE) and Environmental Protection (DEP)." A special investigator Carl T. Feltes will be conducting the interview. He will examine documents regarding selecting the 290 Brighton Road site, it's acquisition as well as any contracts executed in regard to the project. . . while this visit was characterized at the June 25th Board of Education meeting as an inconsequential and nonchalant meeting, only time will tell.

Much discussion took place at the recent Board of Education meeting regarding new uniforms for the band. There is no question about it; the Clifton Mustang Band does need new uniforms. As we stated in our April 11, 2008 Open For Business, "the last time the Band needed new uniforms it became a community project, the entire City rallied around our show band of the East. Residents attended dinners, supported car washes, bake sales and various fundraisers in order to help one of Clifton's greatest assets raise funds for new uniforms. Raising money in that way was hard work and yet it took some time, but a community came together to do something that they could all be proud of, everyone felt a part of the Mustangs success." This could be the case today. As Commissioner Kim Renta noted, with one year to do it, the community could raise the needed dollars to purchase new uniforms. The City needs something to rally around and this could be just what this community needs.

While Clifton High's graduation holds a special place for all live in the city, this is our opportunity to wish all our graduates, whether it be from parochial and private or institutions of higher learning, our very best.

Summer months are a great time to catch up on your reading both required and recreational. If you haven't purchased your reading materials, Clifton's middle schools may benefit financially from your literary selections. The middle schools will hold a Bookfair at the Clifton Barnes & Noble on June 28, 2008 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The Bookfair is an opportunity for area residents to support the middle school literacy project by shopping at Barnes & Noble. The amount of contribution is determined by the total eligible purchases made by supporters on that day at the Clifton location. It doesn't matter your preference, novels, biographies or a great adventure story, if you purchase it this Saturday, the Kids benefit as well.

The House of Fire Christian Church once again appeared before the Board of Adjustment to plead their case to build a house of worship on Grove Street between Haddonfield and Chittenden Roads. Rev. Lentini, cooly and calmly answered questions about his congregation, the services that would be conducted, the planned use of the new proposed facility and even responded when asked what hymns they will be singing during their services. . . The application will continue to be heard on September 19.

The Downtown Clifton Economic Development Group will present their annual "Salsa Night" on July 11, from 7 to 11 pm in municipal parking lot eight, located at Clifton Ave. and First Street. This is the lot next to the new Perkins Family Restaurant slated to open later this year. There is nothing like live Latin music and Salsa lessons to spark up a warm July evening.

On Friday nights, during the month of June, July and August you should make your way to Sullivan Square in Clifton's Historic Botany Village and enjoy an outdoor free concert. Performances run from 6pm to 9pm and feature all types of music, jazz, country, rock, polkas, you get the idea, there is something for everyone. Why not give it a try and not to worry there is ample parking.

Fr. Tom Rainforth parochial vicar of St. Philip the Apostle Church on Valley Road will be bidding his congregation adue as he moves on to accept a position as Chaplain of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Centerin Paterson, St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital and St. Vincents Home in Wayne. Fr. Tom has been a fixture at St. Philip for the past 10 years. We wish him well in his new position.

July 4th is a day of celebration, a day we all take time to pay respect to our great nation and the men of vision who took a chance, acted on an idea and gave birth to a nation. All we have, including the challenges we face each day are our reality because of their dream.
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