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Open for Business

March 28, 2008


Nicholas J. Veliky

While a front page story of the March 14 issue of the Clifton Journal announced "DEP Clears Brighton Road Property" it seems the truth in the story could be found in the last paragraph of the article found on page 4, "The Board has already submitted the report to the DEP for approval." The article goes on to tell of the report prepared by Melick-Tully and Associates, the environmental consultant retained by the Clifton BOE to study the 290 Brighton Road proposed school site. If all the reports have been completed, as previously stated, and no further study of the property is necessary, then why over the past two weeks, and as recently as noon on Monday, March 24th were representatives from Melick-Tully on site at Brighton Road, orange bucket in hand gathering samples from the test well, the one reported to be where arsenic was found. I don't think the rep was there to gather water for the BOE office water cooler, if that wasn't the reason for the visit, then why was the BOE's answer to Gunga Din gathering water samples? The board attorney stated on a number of occasions that the tests were complete and the findings were just what they had expected. So if the property is clean, why the additional samples?

There is a second offer to purchase 290 Brighton Road from the Board of Education. I guess someone forgot to send the resolution to the real estate agent after the first offer was refused and in a recent meeting the BOE went on record that they would not consider selling the property. Question here is why wasn't the resolution forwarded to the interested parties making the bid for the property? After all, we pay big bucks to our attorney for these resolutions, and we don't get our full value for them unless they are sent to the individual or individuals they were intended for. Oh well its taxpayer dollars and we all know our BOE has an unlimited supply. . . It was interesting to hear that funds from the budget earmarked for books were moved. If this is the case then how come some classes do not have the textbooks they need. Speaking of taxpayer dollars isn't it great that there is a budget surplus fund that the Board of Education can dip into whenever they feel the need. That's right $1.2 million is earmarked to fund the gap in the 290 Brighton Road projected costs. . . Let's go off on a random topic. When are we going to give 290 Brighton Road, this monument to a "Community gone wild," a proper name? If it was a stadium we could call it the "Rice Bowl" but since we are dealing with an institution of learning what will the BOE finally name the place? We're open to suggestions and want to know what you think, if you feel so inclined drop us an e-mail.

Did you hear the one about the contract the BOE signed prior to getting the funding approved through the 2008 budget? The BOE signed a contract for over $800,000 for fiber optics. The work is in progress yet the budget containing funding for the work is still only a proposed budget. This isn't the first time the BOE has signed contracts before approvals were obtained, look what happened when they purchased 290 without a contingency on getting approvals for their project, it cost taxpayers money. The contracts that were signed by the BOE with the contractors for 290 construction were done prior to approvals. This has become a costly way to run a school system.

Steel, purchased early to save money on the 290 Brighton Road proposed school, has cost the taxpayers over $20,000 in storage costs. The steel is sitting on trailers out in the open, this is the same outdoor storage that could be accomplished in the parking lot at 290 Brighton Road. But wait, the parking lot at 290 Brighton Road has cars from neighboring businesses parking there. Why do we need to pay for storage when we have a number of places that could suffice? Maybe there is something special about the outdoor area in a steel yard. Maybe they talk to the beams.

This may be of interest to some of you. A group of concerned citizens of Clifton have been doing some investigating and piecing together the puzzle that some are calling "290 Brightongate". The group will present what they have discovered at a community meeting. It is being billed as "Concerned Citizens of Clifton for Honest and Open Government" presents an informational and open forum called "290 Brighton Road What the Board of Education Has Not Told You". All are welcome, major news networks, even the prosecutor. The event will be held Thursday April 10, at 7p.m at the Boys and Girls Club of Clifton located at 181 Colfax Avenue.

Passaic County is going “Green.” Freeholder Bruce James, Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Department of Economic Development will host a free seminar on “Green Building” on Friday, April 4 at Passaic County Community College Public Safety Academy, 300 Oldham Road, Wayne. Reservations are necessary to attend the seminar. Call the Passaic County Department of Economic Development at 973-569-4720 to reserve your space.

With spring weather just around the corner it's no wonder so many look forward to dining al-fresco. There is nothing like the fresh air and open sky to make a meal, or even a snack more enjoyable. One of the first to offer outdoor café dining this season will be Johnny Cupcakes who will be offering their outdoor seating starting April 1st.

Theater League of Clifton Presents, You Can’t Take It With You. April 25th, 26th & 27 and May 2nd, 3rd & 4th, Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. General admission is $15.00, Students and Seniors $10.00. The event will be held at School #3, located at 365 Washington Avenue, Clifton, Tickets will be sold at the door, and group rates and other information can be obtained by calling 973-458-9579.

Enjoy the thrill of opening night with a special price of 2 tickets for the price of one.
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