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Open for Business

December 28, 2007


Nicholas J. Veliky

Even at the most elaborate masquerade ball there comes a time during the party when the masks are removed and the true identity of those in attendance is revealed. While the masks were in place anything goes but when the masks come off many are called to task for their behavior. Clifton's favorite Masquerade Ball also known as may be coming to that time in the program when some of the masks will be removed ?and all will see just who the "brave" individuals are that have been casting disparaging remarks and making personal attacks on just about anyone they ?chose from behind their cloaks of anonymity. Some pseudonyms who were named in a recent lawsuit brought about by a Board of Education Commissioner who was viciously maligned by these vermin, will be unmasked and brought to the forefront to face a civil suit. The Clifton Insider will not go into detail as to what was written on the blog because repeating what was stated on line will only go to further damage this man’s credibility. There is no such thing as anonymity on the web and very shortly some previously unsuspecting cowards will be shown for who and what they really are.

Clifton’s budget has proven a challenge and the budget woes are sure to take center stage shortly after the first of the year. It seems cash is in short supply here at home, in the county and the state as well, so there is little chance of relief in the form of aid from other agencies. In order to balance the budget some drastic measures may be in the offing. This will be a delicate balance that needs to maintain the “Clifton Standard of Living” while taking steps that crunch the numbers in a way that will please both sides of the equation.

The holiday season brought with it some longstanding traditions that have been part of Clifton’s Christmas for years. One of these is Santa’s tour of the city, with his escort of police cars and fire engines; the jolly old soul makes his rounds greeting both young and old before he dons his sled to make his midnight deliveries. To the volunteers who make this event possible, you have the thanks of a grateful city.

Our sympathies go out to former councilman Stephan Tatarenko and the entire Tatarenko family on the loss of their mother and grandmother Maria who was called home on December 18th at the age of 90.

If you had the opportunity to tune into Clifton Channel 77 over the Christmas Holiday you were treated to some vintage Christmas programming. It was very enjoyable and a refreshing break from the rebroadcast of meetings over the holiday. By the way if you are a Verizon Customer you can now see Clifton programming on Channel 40.

Robberies and break-ins in Clifton are running rampant these days. While the holidays usually bring out the best in people, it seems they also bring out the desperate. While the East side of town seems to be getting hit the hardest, other areas have not escaped unscathed with a recent break-in at Bruno’s Pizzeria in the Clifton Plaza on Route 46 at Van Houten Avenue. Make sure you secure your homes, know your surroundings and be alert.

Those who frequently use Van Houten Avenue to travel between Grove Street and Valley Road have most likely noticed some real progress in the construction on the bridge that spans Route 46. This roadway has been under construction for almost 2 years and the completion of this project is long awaited, seriously overdue and just maybe in the foreseeable future.

The first significant snowfall of the year seemed to challenge many city residents who found it difficult to remove the initial wet snow, only to let it go and have it turn to ice. The freeze-over also left snow on many car tops which when defrosted by the heat of the vehicle would fly off when driving causing hazardous conditions for other drivers. Winter is just a few days old, and the conditions just mentioned can get you a summons from the local authorities. Remember to keep your walks shoveled and your car cleaned after it snows.

As 2007 draws to a close, looking back we spent much time debating some of the same issues we have been debating for the past few years with no resolution in sight. While some individuals and city agencies will continue to provide an endless supply of grist for this mill, its time we looked for new issues to delve into and solutions to the age-old problems that have held our attention for far too long. As 2008 comes closer to reality it almost seems that we are caught in a time warp that repeats and repeats the same old same old. This publisher vows to continue to shed light on issue relevant to this community and expand into areas not previously touched, expanding our coverage and bringing to light the things that impact us all. With that said may you all enjoy a new year filled with good health, happiness and harmony in our community.
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