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Open for Business

August 10, 2007


Nicholas J. Veliky

The Clifton Board of Education has chosen a site selection committee to determine where a new school may be built within the city. The original thought was that each commissioner would get one appointment to sit on the committee, not so. Since there was no steadfast method regarding the formation of the site selection committee, rules were made as the game progressed. It was determined that the appointments of the two board members, Commissioners Norm Tahan and Mary Kowal, not present at the special meeting, would be for alternate positions on the committee. So, just because Commissioner Norm Tahan arrived late, and Commissioner Mary Kowal was unable to attend the special meeting, their nominees to the committee would not be full members but instead would serve as alternates. That makes no sense at all. All commissioners on the Board of Education are equal and should be afforded the same right to appoint equal participants to the site selection committee. Making the rules on the fly never has and never will work. Maybe its time to take this process a little more seriously and develop a plan, a process and a methodology to determine the best school site available and once and for all offer a viable solution to the challenges of educating our students.

One definition of Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. With that said, what ever happened to the renovation plan for the Clifton High School Auditorium? Money has been allocated, the plan discussed, debated, and approved making way for an air conditioned renovated auditorium with more comfortable accommodations, d├ęcor, and seating transforming it into a venue which could be rented, generating much needed revenues for the Board of Education. Yet here we are with the same facility we had before. The question at hand, what happened to the plan and the resources that were allocated to perform the work? I don't know, but maybe its time for an independent audit.

The Quinn Road project is going before the Clifton Planning Board on September 25th at 7:00 pm. for a courtesy review. If built, the plan would make way for thousands of cars from Montclair State University pouring out onto Valley Road each day making it impassable for local residents and traffic. This fiasco will cause a serious detrimental impact on the surrounding neighborhood. More on this to follow.

Now just how business friendly is Clifton to its corporate residents? We have a corporate citizen, GlaxoSmithKline, who has been operating in the city for decades. They make tooth paste and lots of it, they always have and that's what they want to continue to do. If you have a tube of Aquafresh or Sensodyne toothpaste in your medicine cabinet, chances are it was made in Clifton. In an economy where manufacturing is leaving the state in droves and most manufacturing has headed overseas and to the south, GlaxoSmithKline wants to make a $20 million dollar investment in their Clifton Plant so they can continue to do what they have done here for decades, only more efficiently. At every turn there seems to be obstacle after obstacle placed by the community and the city. Should GlaxoSmithKline get a free pass? Absolutely not, what should be done is to extend every courtesy and have the city act as a mediator between residents and their corporate neighbor. This project holds the promise of good jobs and continued tax revenues for Clifton. There is probably more incentive for GlaxoSmithKline to leave than there is to stay, so maybe some extra care should be taken to make sure the quality of life is preserved so the neighbors and this corporate giant can mutually co-exist within the City of Clifton. Come on lets make this priority one. Oh and by the way, it's pronounced GLAXO not Glasko.

Congratulations to municipal Court Judge Scott Bennion on his unanimous reappointed by the Clifton City council. This popular jurist has done a good job for the city and it's good to know he will be around for a few more years.

Is it just my imagination or are many of the trees trimmed by PSE&G at the end of last year dying? More and more we see recently pruned trees loosing their leaves and eventually disappearing from our landscape.

When Verizon comes knocking at your door you better be sure you know what you are getting before signing on the bottom line. It seems sales representatives selling Verizon's Fios television services to local residents are promising access to local Channel 77. The only problem is the Fios system does not currently have access to Clifton Channel 77 so new subscribers to the service are not able to watch local council meetings, board meetings and local programming. Apparently the problem is so rampant that the City Council will be contacting Verizon to discuss the situation.

Be sure to watch Clifton Channel 77 for Dr. David Moore on his new cable television program "Health Talk" It will air Fridays at 7:30pm and repeat on Sunday at 8:00 pm. Dr Moore is a Clifton Chiropractor practicing on Clifton Avenue as On Track Chiropractic. He is an entertaining and sought after speaker who will bring a variety of guest and topics to your television screen. Dr. Moore recently presented his program on the 100 year lifestyle to a group at Korman Communities.

As you enter the City Hall Lobby, you can't help but notice a table set up with some very special people selling craft items for a good cause. The special people are the clients of the Clifton Adult Opportunity Center. The organization services a group of clients that are challenged by everyday life. The group sells all types of beautiful hand made creations and crafts. Besides their ongoing craft sale, the Opportunity Center will hold their 25th annual beefsteak dinner on Friday, September 28th at 6:00 pm. The event will take place at the Three Saints Cultural Center on Outwater Lane in Garfield. Tickets are $40.00 and can be obtained by calling the Opportunity center at 973-777-7114.

The North Jersey Regional Chamber of Commerce will host its second annual Star Awards Gala at the Westmount Country Club in West Paterson on Thursday December 6. This years dinner will honor local attorney Frank Carlet and Deborah Hoffman Passaic County Director of Economic Development . The Star Award was created to recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership in business and the community and provide significant support of the North Jersey Regional Chamber. The STAR signifies Service - Tradition - Action and Results. For more information or to make a reservation contact Gloria Martini at the Chamber office at 973-470-9300.
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