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Open for Business

May 11, 2007


Nicholas J. Veliky

Clifton Police officers don't often discharge their weapons in the line of duty; however, when they do you can be sure the use of force is warranted. This was certainly the case when a city resident was shot once in the chest by a Clifton Patrolman after attempting to carjack a vehicle from a Dunkin Donuts parking lot at 817 Clifton Avenue. The suspect then ran from the scene hiding in a nearby resident's garage. After chasing the suspect on foot, the officer observed him leaving the garage carrying a machete and a piece of pipe. The officer repeatedly called for the suspect to drop his weapons only to be ignored. The officer fired his weapon only after the suspect continued to come at him in a threatening manor. After being shot, the suspect still refused to drop the weapon. . . Officer Thomas Buell should be commended for the way he handled the situation. His actions reflect the high level of training and expertise found in the Clifton Police Department. . . . While on the subject of Clifton's finest, have you seen the triangle at the intersection of Main and Piaget Avenues? Members of Clifton PBA local 36 spent an off duty day cleaning and planting, making the area an appropriate entrance to the Main Avenue shopping district.

There was much to do about nothing. With all the muttering and whispers about how the recount was going to cost the taxpayers money, well that's a total fallacy. The individual that calls for the recount is responsible for paying the bill for the recount. Paul Graupe did in fact pay for the recount. . . Still trying to figure why Norm Tahan tried to block the recount. Was there something wrong with the provisional or the absentee ballots? Why would someone deliberately try to throw a roadblock in the way of the electoral process? If people came out to vote than their vote deserves to be counted. Disenfranchising voters is a serious problem and as Superior Court Judge Passero pointed out in his ruling, there were still residue of the severe storm that blanketed the area that could have come into play. But that's another issue and we aren't going to go there. The results are finally in and the electorate has made their choices.

There were few surprises at the reorganization meeting of the Clifton Board of Education. Marie Hakim was easily returned to the president's chair and Michael Urciuoli was voted in as vice-President. It's a new term with a new commissioner, Jim St. Clair. We will all wait and see what if any changes Jim's coming on the board will make.

At press time, there still have been no formal charges listed against Clifton Board of Education Commissioner Michael Paitchell. The board was quick to make accusations (the announcement of which was contrary to Ethics Board procedures) but now are dragging their feet in making the accusations public. In the mean time a man's reputation hangs in the balance. When will we get resolution to this shameful saga that looms heavy over our city?

There is a good chance that Clifton's superintendent of schools Michael Rice may be headed to Kalamazoo Michigan. He is the sole survivor of the interview process taking place in Kalamazoo to find a replacement for their School Superintendent. Representatives from the Kalamazoo School District paid Clifton a visit to get up close and personal with a group of Clifton school parents. Apparently things went well with the group which was hand picked by Rice. Besides this meeting, supposedly, members of the Kalamazoo Search Committee have been reviewing postings and soliciting commentary on Remember though, we can't be sure because they use screen names and after all there is the anonymity thing.

The hearing on 290 Brighton Road has been rescheduled. The original May 16 date is a no go and the case is now scheduled to be heard before the Board of Adjustment at their regular meeting on June 6th. I guess we will have to wait just a little longer for this to come to fruition. One thing for sure, this change in date will give new board members additional time to read the hundreds and hundreds of pages from the transcripts.

Just how much of a big deal is the main stream media making out of Paris Hilton and her most recent disregard for the law. It's one thing to hear about this stuff on trash tabloid news shows but when CNN and the FOX news network devote chunks of time to the plight of this high priced self anointed high society princess scofflaw; it makes you wonder about their credibility.

Are you ready for the postage increase to take effect on May 14th? Do you dread those long lines at the post office; well there is now an alternative. PostNet located at 377 ½ Valley Road is selling stamps as a service to their customers. There is no service charge so you pay the same as you would at the post office. Todd Jay Friedman, PostNet owner tells us that he also has a supply of the new forever stamps. Imagine never having to pay a postal increase again.

Looking for someplace to unwind after a hard day at the office. . . Bliss (formerly Joey's) offers fantastic happy hours on Wednesdays and Fridays. Why not stop by and enjoy the hot buffet and have a relaxing cocktail.

No matter how the world treats you, there is one person you can always count on to give you a kind word, to make you feel better and offer encouragement to help you along your way. No matter how much grief you may have delivered through your life, your Mother is always there with open arms and a warm smile. This Sunday May 13th is Mothers Day. If you are lucky enough to still have your Mom pay her a visit or give her a call and just say thank you. If your mother is no longer with you, take a moment to remember her. . . To My Mother and to the Mother of my three children, Happy Mothers Day!
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