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Open for Business

February 23, 2007


Nicholas J. Veliky

People need to be outraged in order to be engaged and perhaps now, there is enough going to outrage even the most passive city resident. There are some serious issues facing Clifton. There needs to be a clear plan and strong leadership to carry the message to the people. As an individual perhaps the most important thing you can do is to pay close attention to this Board of Education Election. Get familiar with the candidates; get to know who they truly represent and why they are running. Sift through the rhetoric and educate yourself to the facts. Listen to the solutions each candidate puts forth and most importantly, choose three capable candidates and get out and exercise your vote. There is plenty to be enraged about in Clifton these days. Let's do something about it!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any lower, the entire Rosemawr section of Clifton has been accused of causing damage to Board of Education Commissioner Norman Tahan's home and car and there are claims of attacks on his family. Well, now the search is on for the perpetrators, and the Rosemawr Civic Association has posted a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any Rosemawr resident or residents that caused harm to Commissioner Tahan's family and property. There is only one condition to the reward, the police reports regarding these incidents must be made public. Just how low can this go?

It's hard to believe that this is the same Clifton that came out over 10,000 strong to cheer on a Championship Football Team just a few months ago. It was thought that the unity shown at the game was possibly a precursor to a spirit of cooperation and healing. Instead with the way things have progressed, it looks more like the crowd that gathered at the Meadowlands may have been a last hurrah for a dying community crumbling as a result of the hate, intolerance, and a total lack of respect for one another. Where do we go from here?

Diane Telishak and her husband Dennis both taught classes in the Clifton Adult Evening School. Diane taught keyboards and Dennis taught a course in Magic. They had done this for about the last 20 years. Both Diane and Dennis are listed in the spring 2007 course brochure available on line at At a recent public portion of a Clifton City Council meeting Diane stepped up to the podium and spoke about issues including Latteri Park, one particular Board of Education Commissioner's judgment or lack there of and also comments relevant to the challenges facing the Clifton community. Shortly after making her comments, things suddenly changed. Diane and Dennis received a telephone call informing them that their long tenured services as Clifton Adult Evening School instructors were no longer necessary. The reason given was because of low enrollment. Let the fact be known that the enrollment process is an open one, giving individuals the opportunity to enroll up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the first class. Is this a coincidence? You Decide.

Time is running out for those willing to place their hat in the ring and run for a seat on Clifton's Board of Education. With Monday February 26th as the final filing date and the entire school system shut down for winter break from February 17th through the 25th, anyone who didn't pick up a petition before Friday's close is going to have to work fast on Monday get the necessary signatures to be placed on the ballot. Word has it that one of the incumbents will not seek another term, but we'll wait until Monday the 26th at 4:30 to make that call. With a diversified field of candidates forming this is setting up to be a very interesting race.

The Sopranos are back in town filming on Rolling Hills Road. Look for more Tinsel Town East activity in the weeks to come.

Snow removal. . . You can't always fight Mother Nature; sometimes a storm is going to get the best of us. This storm was a mixed bag to say the least. Freezing rain that was to change to snow, then into ice, oh whatever. In any case we had a storm, its winter, that's what is supposed to happen. The storm was a tricky one at best and our Department of Public Works should be commended for the job they did trying to fight the forces of nature and keep out streets and avenues open and passable. . . Apparently, some of the city's residents don't own snow shovels. Many ignored the 12 hour deadline for snow removal. In fact some opted for letting Mother Nature take her course and allowed the rising temperatures to remove the snow.

The Clifton Democratic Club will hold a St Patrick's Day celebration on Saturday March 17th at 12 noon at the Clifton Elks Club located at the corner of Clifton and Colfax Avenue. If you would like more information about the event or to reserve your seat, contact Councilman Peter Eagler at 201-745-7554.

While on the subject of the Clifton Democratic Club, the group under the leadership of club president John Pogorelec Jr. hosted a special meeting featuring Sheriff Jerry Speziale as the guest speaker. The program attracted over 80 in attendance, was held at Mario's Restaurant.

Interviews to fill the two alternate positions on Clifton's Board of Adjustment will take place the morning of Saturday Feb 24th. Potential candidates include a current alternate member of the board, an attorney, a former city council candidate and the husband of a current Board of Education Commissioner. It's amazing, all the posturing and positioning with just one application as the focus for recent appointments.
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