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Vol. X, Issue 1. Friday, January 1, 2014
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Open for Business

December 8, 2006


Nicholas J. Veliky

It all comes down to this. . . Tuesday is a very important day, aside from the fact it marks 13 days till Christmas, it is the day we all need to go out and vote on the Latteri Park school referendum. The ballot questions will have a profound effect on the future of our city and on how we choose to educate our children. As you go to cast your ballots ask yourself, is the plan environmentally responsible? Does it take into consideration the safety and welfare of our children? Is it cost efficient, making the best use of our tax dollars? And finally, do our students deserve a better plan, or is this one good enough?

Is it true that the Clifton Board of Education used school children to deliver election materials to their homes via the children's back packs? Are our kids the only thing the Board of Education has been using to promote the Latteri Park referendum or are they using public funds to advance their plans?

This just in, two of Clifton's elected officials may be in violation as a result of their involvement with the organization behind all the vote "yes" signs seen around the city. One serves as a member of the organizations board of directors and the other is an officer in the organization. NJ state law doesn't allow elected officials to hold office in these types of action committees. More details on this to as the story develops.

Clifton Mustang championship football game was an event to remember. Thousands of Clifton residents came together and filled the stands of Giant Stadium to cheer their team on to victory. The team conducted themselves in a sportsman like manner and faced their opponents honorably in spite of some rough play. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to all the players, the team managers, the Clifton Mustang Band, the cheerleaders, majorettes and coaches for an outstanding season. Thank you for giving the city of Clifton something good to rally around and agree on.

The Clifton city employees are the first line between the city and the residents they serve. They are the face of the city of Clifton. Recently I once again saw first hand just how professional and courteous city employees are in dealing with the public. There was a crew cutting down trees in my neighborhood and they could not have been nicer. With heavy equipment lining the streets they guided cars directing traffic and keeping things moving along as the trees were removed. This crew did the city proud by being more professional than one would expect. Thanks guys!

Now for a word from our fashion consultants - Those on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends have noted that some individuals have taken a liking to wearing road kill. While the somewhat tattered and furry apparel may make great hats, scarves and car antenna adornments, most choose to just clean it up and get on their way. Fashion experts predict that this trend in road kill clothing may transcend the winter season and predict we could see squirrel or raccoon loin cloths this spring. Call it a fashion fopa or just another gross attempt at attracting attention, to some it's just another outfit.

Not that we can do anything about it, but gas prices are going up just in time for the holiday travel season. Yes, there are the laws of supply and demand; it just seems strange that when we need it most, it gets more expensive.

It's here, it's here, the no further action letter from the EPA on the Athenia Steel property has finally arrived. I wonder what effect if any it will have on the Latteri Park referendum. . . Some how we all refer to the parcel of land at the center of all this controversy as Latteri Park - does that tell you something.

Angelo's Restaurant located on Market Street right next to the Allwood Bakery has become one of the premier pizzerias in the area. Angelo and his crew dish out some of the best pizza, pasta and Italian fare that can rival even Tony Soprano's private chef. Here's the good news, Angelo has just released his catering menu, in time for the holidays. Keep them in mind when you want to impress your guests with some of the best Italian food around. You can see Angelo's catering menu, it is located on page 5 of this issue of the Clifton Insider.

It's beginning to look like the holidays have arrived in Clifton. The City looks great with all the lights and decorations placed on homes and businesses all over town. Santa will surely find a warm welcome when he comes to Clifton. There is just one pressing question. Who will get presents and who will get coal? Only Santa knows for sure.
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