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Open for Business

November 10, 2006


Nicholas J. Veliky

There is an issue that all of Clifton can agree on, and that is the fact that the city has never been more divided. First it's the schools, Brighton Rd, Globe or Latteri Park. Then the question was raised, do we need a school or do we not need a school? Throw into the mix Antonio Latona being forced to surrender his council seat after finishing second in the election and now the question of who will fill his vacated position. Will it be the eighth place finisher or someone chosen by the City Council and if that isn't enough, the seat could be left vacant. . . Who ever said nothing ever happens in Clifton? One thing for sure, is the fact that there are an awful lot of people who truly care about this city. They may not agree but they all want what's best for the community, and that's a very good thing!

The voters have spoken and what they said was no surprise. The Democrats maintained their one party domination of the Passaic County Freeholder Board. . . Of course things occurred that can only happen here in New Jersey. Where else can an individual under Federal investigation retain a seat in the US Senate. The voters saw fit to return Senator Robert Menendez to the US Senate while the Federal investigation continues. I guess the electorate gets what it deserves. The only question here, is where have our standards gone?

One of the high points of election day was our favorite Congressman William Pascrell being easily returned to Washington to do what he does so well, that is to watch out for our best interests.

The adage that Clifton votes for Clifton people was thrown out the window with this past election. Clifton's Freeholder candidate Keith LaForgia finished a distant 4th to the three Democratic incumbents. Perhaps Keith's shoot from the hip style was just too much for Clifton voters...While on the topic of the election, did anyone know that Tom Kean was in Clifton at a rally held at the Republican headquarters on Allwood Road this past Sunday? No, well neither did anyone else in Clifton. The "Rally", while filled with people from neighboring towns, was poorly attended by Clifton residents only because no one knew about the event. Communication guys, it's all about communication.

As we look back at the series of events that led to both the Republican and Democratic choosing their tickets, one can only suggest that they start the process much earlier and screen everyone in attempting to fill vacancies for the county races. In other words, we need a few good, credible, electable candidates for the voters to choose from to fill some very important roles in both county and local races.

Twelve residents filed applications to fill the council seat left vacated by the resignation of Antonio Latona. It seems the "want ad" brought many more applicants than spaces to fill. As we understand it, only three candidates will be interviewed on Monday November 13. Just wondering, if the council seat is filled, because there is a chance it may be left vacant, will there be restrictions on the individual appointed as to whether they can run in the November 2007 special election? If these restrictions are imposed are they enforceable or will they be seen as a disenfranchisement of an individuals rights? In a city like Clifton, it's easy for a sitting appointed councilman to say after one year in office, that there is "just too much to do and I can't in good conscience leave office now and not run for the permanent seat". Power is addictive - once you get a taste it's hard to let go - just ask any of the ousted council members.

Special Election, November 2007 . . . the field is already starting to form . . . hey, what about the Board of Education Election, that's only five months away, we need some good candidates for that race too! . . . Interesting fact about the November 2007 special election, it should take on a completely different demeanor since the candidates will have no one to remove from office. The seat is vacant, allowing candidates to cut to the chase, focus their message and address issues that are facing the community and explain what they offer in the way of real solutions.

Matt Ward, being chastised for his stand on changing Clifton's form of government to one where all sections of the city have equal representation? Who would have thought?

Hats off to the dedicated and talented volunteers and CATV committee members who make up a majority of the staff at Clifton's Channel 77. These community minded individuals attend countless meetings manning cameras, sound boards and make the live broadcasts direct to televisions all over the city possible...

There is however, a serious problem with Clifton Channel 77, it seems all the hard work of the volunteers is being mismanaged and wasted. The station management apparently doesn't understand the concept of broadcasting recorded sessions of Council and various board meetings so residents have an opportunity to view the programming at various times, there by offering a greater opportunity to the Clifton audience to be informed and to see first hand the workings of their government. Recent productions have been wrought with blank screens, poor quality, and replay that cuts out prior to the end of the meeting. It's almost as if someone is purposely trying to suppress the broadcasts. If used properly, Channel 77 could be one of Clifton's greatest assets, someone obviously dropped the ball.

The Mad River development project located on Route 3 West has had their first few openings. Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels and Pizza Uno are all open for business in anticipation of a lucrative holiday season. The other stores in the complex are scheduled to open in time for the holidays.

Joey's, the popular Allwood Road night spot has experienced some unavoidable scheduling setbacks during their renovation and will not make the Thanksgiving weekend opening as originally thought. The projected opening is now targeted for the first weeks in December. We hear it will definitely be worth the wait. We'll keep you posted.
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